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Friday, November 09, 2012

Sarcastic jokes-TV advertisers

The psychological approaches of TV advertisers are an endless fountain of nonsense and contradiction:

For men:

"You're tough. You're so tough, even your pain is tough. So you need tough pain relief.
It's not that you're a sissy. Your pain just happens to be as tough and manly as you are."

For women:

"You're a natural woman. Everything about you is natural. Nothing phony for you. That's why you won't accept anything less than completely natural hair color, and ours is the most natural hair color you can put on your hair."

For everybody:

"You're special, unique. Nobody else is quite like you! That's why you...
-Need car insurance.
-Should come to our store and buy the latest fashions everybody else is buying.
-Should come to our store and buy an iPod like everybody else.
-Should use our cell phone service so you can text your friends like everybody else.