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Monday, December 17, 2012

Adult jokes-Pitch dark.

Jerry was feeling particularly horny so he went to a lady of the night and asked, "How much do you charge for a night?"

The woman replied, "100 bucks for the night."

Jerry said "Well, if I pay you 100 bucks, you will have to do it my way."

The woman said, "That's all right with me."

So Jerry took her home and told her that they would close all the blinds and do it in the pitch dark.

The woman turned to him and said, "Honey, its your money, so whatever you want is fine."

They had sex, and Jerry told her to wait 10 minutes before they were to do it again. Then 10 minutes later, they did it again. After 7 times, he seemed to be getting stronger and stronger.

"Jerry, I must admit, you are the best lover I have ever had," she said.

Then the man said, "Lady, my name is Benny, Jerry is outside selling your a*s to all his friends for 50 bucks a pop."