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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Adult jokes-Quality Assurance department

Bob goes looking for a job in the QA department of Trojan c*ndoms. The supervisor takes him around the plant for orientation and shows him all the equipment & machinery.

When he is offered the job, Bob questions, "What will be my job profile and what am I required to do?"

"Well", says the supervisor, "you have to check one in a hundred", and removes one of the rubbers from the production line, stretches it, holds it up to the lights, then places it over his manhood and calls the secretary over. She pulls her skirt up, pulls down her knickers and bends over. The supervisor gives her a good screw and after he is done, he removes the prophylactic, stretches it, holds it up to the light again to confirm no holes.

"Easy as that", he says.

"When do I start?" asks Bob, unable to believe his good luck.

"Monday, 9:00 AM!"

Bob gets no sleep on Sunday night, and is outside the Trojan factory waiting to get in at 7:00 AM.

Once the gates open and the production line is operational, Bob faithfully counts 100 ultra-thin ones. He picks up the 101st, stretches it, holds it up to the light to check for holes then pulls it over his tool and calls the secretary over. Over she comes, grabs hold of his manhood, and proceeds to rigorously m*sturbate him.

Rather startled and confused, Bob looks questioningly at the secretary who says, "Sorry, company policy. You've got to work a week in hand."