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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Humor jokes-A simple life

A man finds an old lamp and rubs it. Sure enough, a genie appears and says, ‘Thank you, Master, for freeing me. In return I can offer you three wishes!’

The man thinks then says, ‘Thanks. But I really don’t know what I’d like.’

The genie says, ‘Wish for money, that’s what most people want.’

The man replies, ‘I lead a simple life. I don’t need more money.’

The genie says, ‘How about travel? I can take you anywhere you want in an instant.’

The man replies, ‘No, I’ve travelled enough, and I like it here.’

The genie says, ‘How about sex? How often do you make love in a week?’

‘Oh, once or twice,’ says the man. ‘Ah-ha!’ exclaims the genie. ‘I can make it much, much better than that.’

‘Well, gee,’ says the man. ‘I thought once or twice a week was pretty good for a priest in a town this small.’